Welcome to Wedding on Ponies!

The Wedding is over.. and Ryan and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary! I’m leaving the site up for future brides to provide inspiration, and for family and friends to view some of the wedding photos! Please check out some of my other blogs as well!

Weddings are something that every girl dreams of! Finding the man of her dreams and getting swept away by romance and love, then getting married and living their life happily every after. Reality is, after finding the man of your dreams, and getting swept away by love and romance, comes planning, setting up and paying for that dream wedding. This blog will be my wedding website for all of my friends and family to see the inter-workings of how I plan my wedding, with a theme that is close to my heart, while keeping the both of us from going bankrupt!  I will also write this blog with other brides in mind, so they can become inspired on how to create a unique, one of a kind wedding on a budget!

The later part of this website “The wedding” will include information for our out of town guests and for visitors as well. We will eventually post and communicate all the necessary information for all of our guests through this part of the website, but some planning must be done until then!

Hope you enjoy reading about our Wedding on Ponies!




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